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Welcome to Pro Reef Aquatics

Pro Reef aquatics was built on a simple but important philosophy, to do the right thing by our customers and the right thing by the animals in our care. To put it simply, we care.

We care about the lives of the fish we receive from all over the world. We go through great lengths to make sure the fish that our customers take home are fully acclimated to aquarium life and are healthy. This is why every fish we receive goes through our 2 step quarantine process before it ever hits the sales floor.

We care about the coral that we provide. All corals that come from Pro Reef Aquatics are grown in our facility. These corals are already acclimated to home aquarium life, the hags that we sell are given time to heal and encrust which gives them the best chance in a new environment Additionally, being grown in-house in our 4 stage farm makes pests a nonissue.

We care about the products that our customers are using in their home aquariums. The products that we provide have been used by us for years and have proven to work as advertised. We would never recommend a product that we have not tested in our own systems first.

We care about our amazing staff that is here to help our customers. We go to great lengths to continually train and educate our team on the latest equipment and best practices so we can be here for you when you need a hand.

We do all of these things because we care about you, our customer. Our mission truly is to help you be successful in this great hobby. If we wouldn't use or put something in our own tanks, it will never make it into yours.

We are proud of our brand new and clean facility and we work extremely hard to maintain the highest standards Our store's modern aesthetic, clean lines, and open space and is a drastic contrast to the typical aquarium store. Digital displays have been installed to help showcase the latest product releases and demos. Although the store is beautiful, it was designed to help highlight the corals and fish that we provide. The store floors are not cluttered with piles of redundant products, it's open and inviting.

Humble Beginnings

Our Journey started in our first location back in 2011 For the love of the hobby and a passion for growing coral we opened a small 1200 Sqft by appointment only store that focused on coral farming and online retail sales. Our reputation for quality and service quickly got around. The demand for more employees and more space and expanded hours resulted in searching for a new home.