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Homegrown Quality Coral

Our Coral

Pro Reef Aquatics' philosophy is even more apparent in the care of corals we provide.  Pro Reef Aquatics was built on quality frags and is our main fucus. We specialize in providing an extensive variety of healthy corals.  Every piece of coral we sell is grown here in our facility.  Our coral farm is purpose-built for quality. Comprised of 5 different systems for redundancy and the safety of our stock.  From our receiving and monitoring system to grow out, healing, frags & retail system the health of our corals and the success of our customers is our main priority. 

Professionally growing coral since 2011, we pride ourselves on not only providing the top quality, healthiest looking corals but also superior value.  With our ability to house and grow large varieties of corals we are able to give all our frags the time they need to properly heal and grow before being released for sale. The redundant processes allow us to ensure all frags are pest-free and well acclimated for home aquarium life.  This process gives the coral the best chance of thriving in a new environment.  (We still recommend all hobbyists at a minimum, dip corals before adding them to a new system.) 

Our main priority is the sustainability of our stock and our planet.  We only cut a few frags from our mother colonies at a time.  This give the mother colony time to heal and grow before cutting again.  This allows us to pull less from our oceans.  All frags sold are hand-selected in limited quantities by our aquaculture specialists.