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The Pro Reef Aquatics Philosophy

Pro Reef Aquatics is not your typical pet story and we’re not trying to be. We strive to provide an exceptional level of service and care when it comes to the products that we provide to you our customer. Pro Reef Aquatics only provides products that’s we have tested or use right here in our facility. The reason for this is because we can feel confident the products are the highest quality and will perform as expected. If they are not, they will never make their way onto our shelves and in to your homes.

We are a proud Kessil Showroom!  Not only do we supply every Kessil product, but we have also over 60 Kessil fixtures being used in our facility!  Kessil's commitment to innovation and performance made our decision to use them on all our coral systems easy.  Come see the lights in use or get hands-on with the products on our Kessil display.

As a Neptune Systems Platinum Dealer, you can count on us to have all the popular Apex equipment!  Come check out our Apex display and watch product highlights and set up tutorials on our Apex display.  See the systems in action on our tables affixed to our display tanks!

Our facility houses 16 different systems from retail displays to our coral farms and fish quarantine systems. Apex equipment and Apex Fusion allows us to monitor all systems at all times from anywhere. Apex controllers are one of the key components to our success.

Pro Reef Aquatics is a proud distributor of LRS Frozen food products.  LRS has the highest quality blend of frozen food on the market today.  Backed by year of product testing by aquaculture facilities and large scale aquariums.  LRS is the only frozen food we recommend to our customers and the only food we feed to our fish and corals in our facility. 

We also supply additional food brands distributed through LRS such as Reef Nutrition,PE products, Hikari & New Life Spectrum.

Additional Brands We Carry