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Pro Reef Aquatics Shipping Policy

Being that our first location was online only we are coral shipping experts. All of our shippers are fully trained in the proper procedures to successfully get our coral from our tanks to yours. All coral are individually placed in 4 mil poly bags with the correct amount of saltwater for the journey. Once sealed the bags are placed in a 1.5" insulated container. We seal the containers to insure the proper temperature is maintained throughout the shipping process. Depending on ship to location and time of year, heat or cool packs are included with the shipment to help maintain constant temperature inside the container. We then place those insulated containers inside a corrugated cardboard box for shipping. All shipments are sent via FedEx priority overnight to be delivered the next day. Overnight shipping is the ONLY way we ship our coral. We do not require a signature for our shipments, they will be left on your doorstep. We highly recommend attending to the package as soon as possible. The less time the coral is in the bags they less stress they will endure.

Coral Acclimation Process

There are many different schools of thought on how to introduce new coral or fish into your system. Of course a home quarantine system is ideal to insure perfect health of a new specimen. In most cases the home hobbyist isn't set up for that type of operation. Luckily Pro Reef Aquatics performs all of these processes in our facility which gives your new coral the best chance of being successfully introduced into your system. Even though we have protocols to prevent pests from entering our systems, we always encourage our customers to dip all corals before putting them into their systems. Here is a brief overview of our receiving process which we suggest all customers should follow when receiving new corals.


During the shipping process the water temperature in the bags can vary a few degrees in either direction. It is impor-tant to slowly return the water to the correct 78 agree tern-perature. Remove the bags from the insulated container and float them in your aquarium for 20 to 30 minutes until the temperature in the bag is the same as the temperature in your tank.


There can be a variation of salinity and PH between our water and yours, its important to slowly get those numbers to be the same. The best way to do this is to drip acclimate. There are many ways you can drip acclimate your corals. Place corals in a container or bucket, you can do all of them at once as long as the coral are not touching each other. We suggest using a piece of 1/4" airline hose with a knot tied in it. Suck on the hose to start a siphon and tighten or loosen the hose to control the rate of flow. You are looking for a constant drip out of the hose when adjusting the flow. After the salinity and PH in the bucket match the salinity and PH in your tank you are ready to go.


Once the water is is at the right parameters we suggest all coral be dipped to take care of any potential pests that could enter your aquarium. There are a few different dip so-lutions available, we use CoraIRX in our facility. Follow the measurements and time on the bottle.


After the dip is complete rinse the coral in a separate con-tainer of tank water. This will clean off any residual coral dip off the coral before entering the system.


Place new corals in a low light low flow sections of the tank for a day or two to allow them time to adjust. The sand bed is a good spot provided you don't have anything that will annoy them during the process. After the coral has settled in place corals in recommended locations.